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Why This Challenge is for You

Turn inward and connect with God’s Light to decrease fear and ignite the energy of love in your heart using a simple daily meditation and prayer practice.


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"Tonya led a beautiful Christian meditation session for a number of us, and it was so beautiful and rejuvenating. It was the perfect way to start the day!" 

Megan Yoo
Chemical, Civil, Environmental Engineer

My anxiety began at the age of 14 when my mother left our family and I learned how to move, keep moving, distract and numb to avoid my inner pain. 

Around 40 years old after a divorce, I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.  The books I read on anxiety echoed a similar message, “learn to be still and meditate.” 

I began a serious inner journey. After a year or so of rising early in the morning to meditate, pray and to “Be still and know God,” I heard a call to make a meditation and prayer practice to share with others. My company, YahLight, was born from saying “yes” to God and allowing Him to flow into me and to love me.

"Tonyah’s music and meditations are better than going to church. It’s soothing and you can relax and take it in. It’s a super faith experience. It brightens my day. Tonyah is a real messenger and angel of God. I used her contemplations during my radiation and it got me through a tough time."

You will be given a small library of 8 minute videos on helpful tips. Each day, you will be given a short video and either two 5-min meditations or one 10-min meditation with prayer.

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Ignite the Light Within

"My personal experience with this meditation practice is that it truly slows me down and opens my heart so I feel that I connect with God in a way I don't get every day during my regular prayer time. I come away feeling more gentle and patient and more aligned with my faith. The benefit to me is feeling filled with God’s love for the moments or hours after the practice. Tonyah’s guidance makes this possible. She is gentle, compassionate and she has developed a solid practice. It’s a dose of peace and joy for me. Praise God."
Jack Behrens
Leslie Calhoun
President & CEO Optivest financial Planning


Join me 10 minutes a day on this 10 day inner journey to the heart where God dwells waiting to heal, purify, cleanse and transform. 

"Spending time meditating (or as I call it quiet time) with my brain is something we all need to be doing. Tonyah Is a wonderful teacher and is very in touch with her inner being. I have learned from her and am very grateful."
Tracy Bunte
Model and Spokesperson

This challenge is for you if:

  • You feel anxious and unstable. 
  • You lack inner peace or strength. 
  • You need energy and creativity to pursue your dreams. 
  • You are overwhelmed by thoughts, and emotions. 
  • You’ve tried to change but feel stuck. 
  • You want to receive the promises of The Bible. 

You’re curious to see what awaits when you become connected to your true nature and to God’s unfailing mercy and love.

What you'll gain

  • Increased inner strength and power. 
  • Move from anxiety to peace and joy.
  • Connection to a deep source of stability.
  • Relationship with The Higher Power.
  • Understanding your unique soul. 
  • Insight into your true nature and full potential. 
  • Increased awareness of life giving energies; faith, love and hope. 
  • You'll learn to have a daily spiritual practice where you listen and honor the Spirit of God within you.

    Hopefully, you'll learn to have a daily spiritual practice where you listen, stay still and honor the Spirit of God within you.

Welcome to YahLight Meditation and Prayer - Be still and journey to the heart

Daily spiritual practices bring you home to your heart. God’s love is perfected in you as you learn to be still and abide.



What To Expect



Daily Practice - Daily renewal and restoration

As you seek a relationship with God, the natural result is a renewed and restored relationship with yourself. Daily Meditation and Prayer will result in a spiritual awakening. It takes time and discipline yet, it results in an unshakable faith and trust in God and a Higher Power.

The Body - A sanctuary of safety

The body is where you become gently grounded in the here and now. You can create a place of safety for your soul and spirit to speak and to flow. The very center of your being is where you can experience the presence of God’s Spirit.



The Breath of Life - Inner calm & power

The breath is spirit, vitality, power and inspiration, it’s your connection to life. You can learn to use The Breath of Life as a healing force to create inner calm, serenity and goodness. Deep, slow, rhythmic breathing releases a relaxation response in the body.





The Word & Voice - Harmonize your inner self

Words are a powerful creative force that can be used to create harmony within. Speaking or singing spiritual or positive words can improve your over health and wellbeing. Singing sincerely from the heart creates a subtle experience of joy!



The Spirit - Connect to the source of power

The Spirit of God dwells within your very core, in the center of your heart. It’s a place of deep inner stillness and stability that exists beyond your thoughts, feelings and desires. Here you can find and experience a peace beyond understanding.

The Heart - Staying Open to Love

The heart is not limited to a small place in your chest. It’s a field of energy that expands outward through your body, soul and out into the world. When you learn to keep your heart open love, kindness and compassion can flow, healing yourself and others.



The Soul - (the self - the psyche) The mind, The emotions, The will 

We’re all given a unique soul at birth. Your soul is always working and changing. Thoughts, emotions and desires come and go. When you learn to surrender your soul to God’s Spirit you grow inside of you, more love, peace, kindness, patience, self-control, joy, gentleness, power, mercy, truth, wisdom, light and more!





Prayer - Patiently give and receive

Faithfully bringing your hands together and bowing your head as you humbly listen and talk to God results in receiving blessings and rewards. This giving and receiving establishes a solid, unshakable trust which brings daily hope.

Victory! Congratulations! 👏🏼👏🏼

Returning daily to spiritual practices can give you victory over your challenges and transform your inner and outer worlds. Remember, God is your everlasting light and you are to let your light shine before all people. God is full of compassion and forgiveness. He wants a relationship with you. He lives in you and loves you!



"I am effectively accruing peace and grace. The meditation and prayer practice, with singing to such beautiful music, is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I’m finding it easier to hear the soft quiet voice of the Lord speak to me from within. I look forward to sitting in that space every day; it’s my new favorite time of the day!" 

Jon Wens
Musician and Architect